1. Focus and Purpose with Lori Lober

Co-host of 4Core and metastatic breast cancer thriver and author of three books: Bigger Than Pink, Still Bigger Than Pink and Love to Live

2. Sticking Around with Alison Rash

Co-Host of 4Core and 6 year metastatic breast cancer thriver

3. Hope, Love and Perseverance

with Philip Salem, M.D. Medical Oncologist and author of Defeating Cancer: Knowledge Alone is Not Enough

4. Be Your Own Advocate

with Ellyn Lynch, RN, BSN, OCN, NC

Lori Lober


A Stage IV Metastatic Cancer Survivor, Lori Lober inspires others to turn worry and fear into hope and belief. When doctors said she had less than a two percent chance to live two years, she said “Not me.”

Over twenty-three years later, Lori is proof that a positive mindset, determination to combine Western medicine with Eastern modalities, and pursuit of wellness sustains life.

Known for her ability to inspire patients and caregivers, Lori helps others push through cancer and disease. Her counsel always begins with guidance to stay the course and never give up.

With candor and kindness, Lori coaches others to approach life with a productive and action-oriented mindset. She recommends maintaining an alkaline body where disease cannot grow. Lori’s foundation for a healthy body includes integrating Isagenix nutritional cleansing and replenishing products into her daily routine.

Lori, alongside her husband John, challenges others to create a life of dreams – even after facing a stage four cancer diagnosis. Continued IV therapy – a triple dose of Herceptin every 21 days – doesn’t dampen Lori’s spirit. A champion for living life to its fullest, Lori asserts: “Baby steps are good. Choose to love life by eating well, thinking well and moving well.”

In addition to her work with cancer patients, families and healthcare practitioners, Lori is author of three books: “Bigger Than Pink: The Book I Could Not Find When I Was Diagnosed With Stage IV Cancer,” “Still Bigger Than Pink: Alive and Thriving!” and “Love To Live: Alive and Thriving!”

Despite set-backs along her journey – her brother Lance died from cancer; her only child Colby was killed in a car accident – Lori LOVES TO LIVE. A role model for a health and wellness lifestyle, Lori’s vision is to generate hope, encourage a proactive mindset and support optimal health and wellness.

Lori and her husband John, a multi-award winning home builder who is now retired, live in Kansas City, Missouri. When she isn’t spending quality time with friends and family, meeting with patients or advocating for Isagenix, the Lobers can be found traveling the country in their RV with their two black labs, Grace and Tessa.

Contact Lori at LoriLober@aol.com

Facebook:  Lori C Lober

Instagram:  John and Lori Lober

Isagenix:  www.johnandlorilober.isagenix.com

Alison Rash

Wife.  Mom.  Artist.  Professor.  Stage lV Breast Cancer Thriver.

Alison Rash seeks to live life fully, abide in the present and maintains there is so much life, love and hope even with MBC.

At age 34, Ali was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer.  After completing treatment in Los Angeles where she had lived for nearly two decades, she relocated back to Nebraska with her husband and 2 children, Flynn and Zuzu.  A short year later, she relapsed and has been receiving treatment for stage lV breast cancer from Salem Oncology Center for five years.

Through triumphs, setbacks and 3 metastatic relapses, Ali continues to build resilience.  She is currently NED and remains committed to pursuing all aspects of health and wellness – medical, mental, physical and emotional.

Finding purpose in the pain, Ali is passionate about helping to heal broken systems – both the broken systems in healthcare and also the broken systems within our bodies.  Knowing that each cancer experience is unique, she seeks to be a light to others who find themselves on their own cancer journey.

In 2020, Ali also started the Ripple Project to inspire, encourage and notice the ripples that each of us cast believing that together we can create waves and make an impact.

Also maintaining a rigorous studio practice, Ali’s current body of work explores the idea of absence and the relationship between compulsive and impulsive mark-making. Her work occupies the intersection among order, coincidence and manipulation. The paintings, while appearing physical, are very light in paint application.  She has exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas and Washington D.C. as well as internationally in Paris, France; Venice, Italy and Tokyo, Japan.

Contact Ali at alisonrash@live.com

Facebook:  Alison Aten Rash





Art:  www.alisonrash.com