Submission Guidelines

For Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine’s stories and editorial articles that benefit breast cancer patients and thrivers and their caregivers

Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine Thriver Profiles

The healing experiences of breast cancer survivors are the heart and reason we publish the Breast Cancer Wellness magazine. Profile articles are to be between 300 and 1800 words. The stories are to be written in positive and uplifting words from your heart. They can be about you or someone you know. We encourage stories from any age and that address any stage or aspect of our healing needs. The stories can be funny, sad, emotional, compassionate, joyful- all emotions are welcome as long as they project inspiration or empowerment.


The stories can include:

  • How you overcame breast cancer.


  • What your most challenging experience or fear was and how you specifically overcame or managed your challenge, emotion, or fear.


  • What you have learned about your self, your life, or your community.


  • The stories may also include how others (family, friends, medical, community, etc.) helped you in your healing experiences.


  • What you learned about healing, or any aspect of empowering your mind, your body, or your spirit.


  • How breast cancer has changed your life or your lifestyle, career, or relationship with self, with marriage, with others, or with God.


  • The purposes of these stories are to show how survivors have gone beyond their medical treatments, and how they have connected with something deeper within themselves to advance their healing experiences.


Submitted stories are sent to the editorial review committee. If selected, you will be asked to provide candid, full color photos of yourself, family members or friends. The readers of the magazine love lifestyle shots in addition to posed photos. These photos can be of a favorite moment, a vacation, or taken when you didn’t know the camera was on you. We ask that you provide several shots for our design team to choose from. We do not make any commitments as to which photos will be selected to appear with your story. If photos require crediting the photographer, it is necessary that this information be provided at the time of submitting the photos.


It is okay to check on the status of the submission of your story and to confirm it has been received.


Please email your “Profiles of Thriving” story to


We rarely accept submissions that have appeared elsewhere. Once your story has appeared in the magazine or posted on our website, you have our permission to have your story reprinted elsewhere, but we ask that you include that your story first appeared in the Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine (or website) and to include what volume and issue it appeared it, as well as our website,


By submitting your story, you acknowledge:

  • That you are granting permission for your story to be published with our organization.


  • Your article is not plagiarized and that it is a true experience.


  • That your story may or may not be accepted for publication in the magazine or to be posted on the website.


  • The article will be between 600 to 1800 words. Remember, we live in a sound byte world, so articles that are concise with valuable messages are what readers seek.


  • That the story may be editorially or categorically changed once it is received and that any changes will be forwarded to you prior to going to print.


  • Every breast cancer survival story IS very important! Do not be discouraged if your article is not accepted for immediate publication. Most survivors advise that just putting their story into written words becomes very therapeutic for them, and what a wonderful blessing that is. Also, if your story is not selected, feel free to submit another one.


  • You will only be contacted IF your story is being considered to appear in the Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine or in our e-letters or social media posts.


Sorry, currently, we do not provide remuneration for any articles or stories.


We only accept advertorial articles from our current advertisers, and these are only accepted with certain criteria in place. Contact Beverly Vote at for editorial and advertorial article submission costs and guidelines.