Last Monday I went for a run (who am I kidding? More like a slow jog) I hadn’t been in a few weeks so I was quite pleased to be feeling pretty good. Just over a mile in it all changed. I stepped squarely on a rock which seemed to penetrate the bottom of my shoe as my weight came down on it. I felt a pop, thought I heard it as well, and I knew it wasn’t good. I was on the cross country course, back in the woods about three quarters of a mile. I did have my phone with me, but the reality of it was the best option was simply to walk to my car. So I began to hobble on out.
On the way I thought of many things, but mostly I kept thinking about how it is important to make the most of each day that we are living our lives. I had a little regret over the fact that I had missed a couple weeks of working out since I knew I would be waylaid for a while with this new injury. I thought about how easy it is to take basic functions for granted.
I went to the ER that night and they confirmed what I already knew. At the orthopod I was issued a boot and told partial weight bearing. That changes everything, from the big things-not going to watch my daughters cross country meet- to the small things- deciding whether or not to buy more coffee creamer seeing as it is at the very back of the store.
It’s been almost a week and I am doing okay. Very glad to be dealing with a relatively minor issue comparatively. And finding the good as well. As soon as I can I’ll be back out there again.