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October 30 to November 3, 2015
Kinderhook Castle ~ Camdenton, MO

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You want to write a book, not just any book, but a book that will make a difference for someone else who is going through what you have experienced. You have tried and tried to get your thoughts onto paper but you continue to have pages and pages of unorganized material. You worry that a book publisher may not have the same vision as what is in your heart. You worry about self publishing and having a garage filled with unsold books but you keep telling yourself every year that this is the year you will get your book written and published. Is this you? If so, the Make a Difference Writer’s Workshop will show you every step you need to write your first book and how to get it published. Writing a book is a powerful way to reach those who need to learn from your special and unique message. This writers workshop is for anyone (survivors, caregivers, or medical professionals) who wants to share their story, experiences or expertise to make a difference.

In this exclusive workshop you will learn:

• The three fastest ways to write your first book.
• The differences between mainstream publishing and self publishing and which avenue is best for your book.
• How to leverage your book for additional streams of income.
• The five principles that will create a lasting impression with your readers.
• How to overcome the three greatest challenges that stop first time authors from getting their message into a book.
• A fill-in-the-outline individualized template to write your first book.

There are many benefits of being a published author:

• The joy and satisfaction of sharing your story and expertise to help others.
• The distinction of being a published author.
• Enhanced positioning to book your speaking engagements and back-of-the-room sales.
• Your completed book to sell at events, online, and to groups.
• Increased credibility with your peers.
• New opportunities to open doors to help others and to fulfill your heart’s desire.


• Recommendations for the most cost effective book publishers and book printers for quality, speed and service.
• Ten simple ways to maximize your ROI on this workshop.
• The Make a Difference Writers Workshop Workbook.


You will have your outline, the necessary steps and connections to finish your book, get it published, and to make a difference.

Learn how to become a publisher in 5 easy steps.

SPECIAL BONUS: Each workshop attendee who completes their book in 2015 will receive a complimentary Pink Page listing in the BCW Magazine in four consecutive issues ($600 value).

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Upon registration, you will receive your first writing assignment to help you jumpstart your writing success. Hurry, space is limited.

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*Lodging and travel not included.