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Our Mission

The mission of Breast Cancer Wellness is to support the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and environmental healing needs of women facing breast cancer, no matter what age or stage of the journey.

Mary Ann thought she had everything going her way
When breast cancer was to change her every day
In anguish, Mary Ann cries out, her pleas full of doubt,
She was in a dark hole, with no light to show her way out.

She thought she had hope when a doctor walked by
Why didn’t he understand her tear filled cry?
He wrote her a prescription and went on his scheduled way
But her fears and her direction were still in dark dismay.

Again, Mary Ann cries out, her pleas full of doubt
This time a priest nearby heard her shout
He walked to the hole Mary Ann was in
I hear your cry, I will pray for your sin
Bless you my child, he had to say
And gave her three Hail Marys to anoint her way.

Prayerfully, Mary Ann cries out, her pleas full of doubt
Quietly a stranger responds,
“I know your fears inside and out
I know the secrets hidden within
I know too well this hole you are in.”
The stranger jumped without hesitation
Into the hole filled with dark tribulation
Bewildered, Mary Ann cries out, her pleas full of doubt.

What have you done, why are you here??I appreciate your grace,
But now we are both in this dark dark place.
“Shsssh”, says the stranger to Mary Ann.
“I hear your cries, your pleas full of doubt.
I have been here myself and
As a survivor showed me,
I will show you the way out.”

© Beverly Vote, 30 year breast cancer thriver