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September 2013

The breast cancer journey brings many twists, turns and surprises on the path. A big surprise is the impact on our sense of femininity and attractiveness, which naturally impacts intimacy and sexuality. How can that not happen? The balance of our emotions, thoughts and spirit

You probably already know that breast cancer and treatment wreak havoc with your intimate and sexual life. Feeling feminine, attractive, desirable and sexy during and after treatments can seem like a lost cause, and maybe it's the last thing on your mind. Many women say

Losing your hair during chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy can be devastating. You just want it back as soon as possible and for the hair that grows to look healthy. Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula can help you regrow your hair faster and keep it. This is true

Dear BCW Members, As this is my first BCW blog, I thought it would invite you to read the 'behind the scene' development of In Mind In Body, the organisation I have founded to help ease and prolong the lives of people living with cancer. [caption id="attachment_1860"

My husband and I celebrated a perfectly wonderful day today. I was featured at an awards ceremony that celebrated some of the highlights in my career thus far. Although I did not win the big award, it was a great moment to be recognized for

It all started more than a decade ago with a song, “Let Life Happen”. The song became the title of a music CD for which I wrote the lyrics and my husband, Kirk, wrote the music and performed the vocals. Thus started a partnership that