tumblr_n1q4746jaQ1t0kr73o1_500IMMERCE YOURSELF IN NATURE

“Every corny thing that has been said about living with nature — being in harmony with the earth, feeling the cycles of the seasons — is true.”
— Susan Orlean

Spring offers us many benefits including stirring our feelings of renewed hope, strength and purpose. Being in nature clears our mind, quiets nagging fears and frustrations, and helps to restore our spirit.

Take a walk in nature, breathe fresh air, plant a flower, get your hands dirty, eat a wild berry,  go skinny dipping, take a hike in a new direction, sit quietly by a stream or river, watch birds, go running, go barefoot in the grass, drink fresh water, dance in the woods, skip a rock across a pond, go fishing, allow yourself to feel safe, witness morning dew, pray on bended knees on the dirt, beach or leaves, go rock hunting, watch the formation of a cloud, ride a bike, watch a butterfly, listen to the stillness of the woods, feel the weather on your skin, feel the rhythm of the ocean waves, listen to the wind, go skydiving, find the Little Dipper and the Big Dipper, soak your feet in a mud puddle, skip down the road, meditate next to a tree, go skiing, take a balloon ride, witness a sunrise, go mushroom hunting, watch a squirrel chase, watch a falling star, witness a rainbow, feel free.

Let God’s nature help you make peace with your current circumstances knowing that tomorrow is a new day. Don’t be surprised if you feel renewed peace, or quietly have new insight about what is best for your situation.

By Beverly Vote