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The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose

There is Power and Purpose in Everything


Along with the diagnosis of breast cancer comes fear, unfamiliar medical terms, a new way of trying to manage even the simplest of tasks, and more decisions than most of us are prepared to handle at one time. But the diagnosis also brings these questions:

  • Do my loved ones truly know that I love them?
  • How will I live the rest of my life?
  • Before I die, will I have made a difference?
  • And we want to know what is our life purpose?

Many have defined the diagnosis of breast cancer as a life-changing experience, yet at the time of diagnosis most of us do not know what it is we are to be changing into or where the road will lead us. It is the not knowing that often times is perplexing and uncomfortable. However:

Did Nancy Brinker, Founder of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, know that when she made the promise to her beloved sister that she would create an unstoppable momentum through worldwide patient, volunteer, political, and medical advocacies? Did Nancy know that her passion and commitment to this heartfelt purpose would not only change the world, but also herself and millions of others in the process?

Did any of us know that our lives would be changed to a different perspective and with a new purpose from a diagnosis of breast cancer and that we would learn so rapidly to start living our life in a way that matters most to us? I have met hundreds of women that consciously chose to change their lives and how they serve others after a diagnosis of breast cancer. Many have changed relationships, careers, and lifestyles. Many breast cancer survivors have become mastectomy fitters, nurses, caregivers, volunteers, authors, speakers, designers of pink ribbon products, fundraisers, leaders, philanthropists, musicians, therapists, movie producers, talk show hosts and made changes to what they were most passionate about. Most survivors have set out to live their remaining days with the purpose of making the most of life, and many are choosing to live their life anew by applying the Golden Rule more often.

A few suggestions for exerting more power into your purposes for healing, for sharing, for living, and for making a difference for others as well as yourself are:

  • Reflect upon what the breasts symbolize to you. Do breasts represent the heart center of your feminine being, an expression of what is nourishing, joyous, beautiful, creative, soft, compassionate, and loving? If so, express more of these attributes into your experiences.
  • If breasts are symbolic of love to you, both expressing and receiving love, from heart to heart, exchange more heart-to-heart expressions with others, not only loved ones, as well as casual acquaintances and strangers. This serves to heal the whole-being.
  • Start hobbies or engage in activities that make you feel alive and passionate. everything formed from a place of passion or from a place within your heart of caring are the most enjoyable and beautiful creations. Creativity helps everyone to feel more alive.
  • Do for another that you wished had been done for you in your healing experience. if you wished you had been sent flowers, send flowers to a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient with a note that you are available to help if they would like. if you wished someone would have helped drive you to your treatments, make yourself available for a patient on a regular basis for this. The time spent driving back and forth to treatments will bring joy and healing to both of you. if your medical center was cold and uninviting, ask if you can provide flowers and plants or artwork for it. Perhaps it needs your care and compassion as a volunteer at its center. (When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, i had no role model for healing, or how to achieve wellness, thus i started this free publication with survival stories in hopes that others would never feel alone or feel the fear that i felt 15 years ago.) if you feel that your needs were not being met, learn to become a good listener. if you feel you lost your beauty because of breast cancer, help another rediscover her authentic beauty – help her feel and express beauty as often as possible whether it is her physical beauty, inner beauty, her garden, her home, or her surroundings.
  • Create a personal mission statement that reflects your core beliefs and values and how you wish to live your life.
  • When asked, let people know what you stand for. remind others how they have made a difference in your life and thank them. give yourself permission to explore your talents and gifts and enjoy them for yourself as well as share these newly found gifts with others. Don’t wait until the gifts are developed, share them with joy and as an expression of what you are doing.
  • Practice finding and creating more beauty, joy, and love in your life every day.
  • Find purpose and power in everything and in every experience.
  • Give daily thanks for love, joy, family, and your life and for all that empowers you.