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January 2020

By Beverly Vote   Lori Lober has been involved with the More for Stage IV special section of the magazine since its inception. Lori has a phenomenal story to tell, but she will tell you she's an ordinary person who has educated herself about the importance of

By Dawn M Mussallem, D.O. Breast Clinic, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, FL   Breast cancer recurrence is multifactorial and includes both modifiable and nonmodifiable risk factors. Nonmodifiable risks are things you can’t change such as age, family history, breast cancer subtype, and ethnic background. However, your lifestyle is a modifiable

BY APRIL DOYLE   I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31. Having found a lump myself in my right breast, I instinctively knew something was wrong. Interestingly, the mammogram did not show anything even though the lump was easily felt. I had a

Cancer cells love sugar. It’s their preferred fuel. The more sugar you eat, the faster cancer cells grow. By Christine Horner, M.D. Estimates are that every year the average American eats almost his or her entire body weight in sugar. The average teenage boy eats thirty-four