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September 2019

There is growing recognition of the psycho social (the human side of cancer care) and increased attention to the whole person in cancer care. In 2008 the Institutes of Medicine published Cancer Care for the Whole Patient which summarized years of research findings that ​cancer

Photography by Lands’ End and Keri Oberly On the 2019 Thrivers Cruise, several women participated in the Lands’ End photo shoot. The experiences of women coming together from different parts of the country and from different stages of the journey turned into remarkable exchanges of personal

By Christine Horner M.D. Soy has been a food staple in the Asian diet for thousands of years. Asia has far lower rates of cancer than the United States does, and researchers think that eating a lot of soy may be one of the reasons. Japanese

(“We Are the Champions” is a power ballad celebrating victory after a hard fought battle against long odds,” and was recently resurrected in the Oscar Award Winning Movie Bohemian Rhapsody about the Rock Band, Queen.)  Hero.  Advocate. Champion. Merriam Webster defines each of them this way: Hero 1: mythological