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Making our minds matter

Receiving the devastating news that you have breast cancer can knock many people sideways. An already heavily compromised immune system is further depleted as stress levels rise.

Daunted by the treatment which lies ahead, coupled with concerns about looking after families; children as well as ageing parents. The likelihood of having to take unpaid leave and physical disfigurement, can leave people totally overwhelmed. Even when statistically their chances of moving forward successfully after treatment are 90%, they can simply only focus on the 10%.

As breast cancer effects younger and younger people each year, many soldier on in a complete haze, handing their lives over to surgeons and oncologists. “I’ve not got time to visit a counsellor, take up reiki, yoga, acupuncture, exercise or juice…..I need to look after those around me. Get the children ready for school, do the washing, prepare meals, care for my husband/partner and by the end of the day, I’m too exhausted to do anything for myself.”

face-79654_150Many of us will have heard the phrase ‘Everything happens for a reason’.  Do you think this can be applied to a cancer diagnosis too? Is treating the symptoms of the disease sufficient or is it worth considering the possible causes? Has cancer appeared within the body to make us take a good hard look at ourselves and reflect upon what’s going on in our lives? Have our spirits jumped up and down enough until we can deny them no longer?

In my case yes. I finally stood back and addressed emotional issues I’d been shying away from for years. I had done almost everything to ignore them dwelling up inside me. My mind was most certainly in overdrive and I would run and run, not to release endorphins into my body, but to exhaust my body in order to relax.

I do appreciate to some this might sound crazy but that’s what happened. I realised I had to make changes and in making those changes, believe in a very positive outcome. In August 2011, I separated from my husband of 25 years, to set up on my own. I had no idea how I would survive, how my life would turn around but I held absolute faith in my happiness and ability to help others.

Many ‘self-help’ books  talk about writing down your desires, your ‘bucket-list’ of activities. To visualize them, to ‘feel’ their manifestation and to be grateful. To think beyond my interpretation of ‘positive thinking’. I did this!

Making your mind matterExcitingly science can now prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that through thought alone physical, chemical and neurological changes take place in our bodies to help us achieve the focus of our desires.  Dr Joe Dispenza’s wonderful book ‘You are the Placebo – Making Your Mind Matter’ explains this in detail, along with some quite staggering case studies in healing from the inside out.

Would you like to make any changes in your life?

Our thoughts have an incredible impact on our healing and well-being. The great news is we’re not required to go anywhere, we don’t require any equipment or clothing, this is totally FREE and we can all  give it a go.  We can choose to make our minds matter, to use our creative imagination to bring about change. Little steps at a time.

Before we fall asleep or as we wake, our minds  are in their most suggestible state, so here’s a good time to begin. Take a few deep breaths in and out, concentrating on your breathing. There’s no ‘right way’ to do this, just believe what you’re doing is right for you. Allow conscious thoughts to filter through, don’t fight them, but come back to your breathing.

tree-157673_150Choose your desired experience, visualize it (play a movie in your mind) by seeing yourself achieving this goal. How would it feel to be in that moment? What sounds would you hear around you? Smells in the air? Taste in your mouth? By engaging all your five senses into the imagined experience you heighten the associated emotions and generate a more powerful positive message around your whole body.   Both the immune, endocrine and autonomic systems work together to bringing about physical change.

Effectively by upping the tempo of the associated emotions to the event, you up the tempo to physical change. Gratitude, feeling thankfulness is a wonderful way to up the tempo and comes highly recommended!

As you repeat this sequence of events, once or twice a day, for several weeks, your body and mind will begin to change. You will no longer be reliving yesterdays experiences but intentionally creating your future.

So whilst you may think you don’t have time to make changes in your life. Here’s a very simple way to begin. Positively imagining your desired experience, will begin to attract it to you, not from the environment around you but from the inside out.

As for me? I used these ideals to create In Mind In Body, to help people with cancer improve their responses to treatment. Please take a look, downloading is totally FREE.

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Happy Days.

Think it. See it. Achieve it