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September 2013

Dear BCW Members, As this is my first BCW blog, I thought it would invite you to read the 'behind the scene' development of In Mind In Body, the organisation I have founded to help ease and prolong the lives of people living with cancer. [caption id="attachment_1860"

My husband and I celebrated a perfectly wonderful day today. I was featured at an awards ceremony that celebrated some of the highlights in my career thus far. Although I did not win the big award, it was a great moment to be recognized for

It all started more than a decade ago with a song, “Let Life Happen”. The song became the title of a music CD for which I wrote the lyrics and my husband, Kirk, wrote the music and performed the vocals. Thus started a partnership that

Website provided by Bethany Kandel, a journalist from NYC, that lists hundreds of free products and services for breast cancer patients and survivors, including wigs, retreats, magazines,  prosthetics, and housecleaning.

Imagine winning this experience of a lifetime! Enjoying the magnificence of a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship and meeting other breast cancer survivors and thrivers from across the country on the Breast Cancer Thrivers Cruise in April 2014. The winner will be announced January 15, 2014. Rules and Regulations

by BEVERLY VOTE It has been said that laughter is good for the soul but laughter is also beneficial for our physical well-being. Breast cancer is not a laughing matter, yet we can use laughter to help us heal. Stress and fear restrict not just our oxygen but also our joy for

by Christine Horner , MD There are certain fats that are bad for us and promote disease, and others that are very good for us because they help to protect ward off disease and keep us healthy. Previously I wrote about the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids

by Beverly Vote It is estimated that over seventy percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer experience some level of depression or feelings of being overwhelmed. Yet it is reported that the studies for depression and anxiety are not always accurate because women do not always speak up or report their emotional distresses

Current standard of care is to wait until age 50 for a mammogram.  During the years before 50, precancerous cells may develop and go undetected before they appear on imaging systems at which point 100 million cancerous cells may be present. You now have a

Earth Angel Minerals 100% Pure Botanical Infused Cosmetics & Skin Care. NO Parabens, Phthalates, Bismuth Oxychloride, or cancer causing chemicals. Being a cancer survivor, I created a natural , affordable alternative to natural brands. 918.237.0943