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You Are So Beautiful

Remember that song Joe Cocker sang, “You are so beautiful to me…”? It’s one of my all-time favorite romantic songs. Some of the other lines are, “You’re everything I hoped for, everything I dreamed…”

The other day this song was playing in my head and I was inspired to stand in front of the mirror and sing it to myself. I belted it out just like Joe Cocker ~ well, not quite ~ as I was looking into my eyes. Something inside melted and a new love connection with me formed.  Since then, every time I look into my eyes those words come to mind. I’m in love with me.

Here’s the really interesting part of this ~ since this happened, lots of friends are asking me things like:

  • Did you get your hair cut?
  • New make-up? You look radiant!
  • What have you been up to lately? You look fabulous!
  • Have you been honeymooning?

My answer is the same to all: I’m in love, with me! It feels so good, and now I’m really getting what it means to know that what we think is what we become.

What is one of your favorite love songs? Maybe it’s “You Are So Beautiful”, maybe it’s something else. Stand in front of the mirror and sing the love song to you. Sing it loud, sing it true, and sing it like you’re a rock star. Look into your eyes as you sing and notice what your heart feels like.  Get beyond any thoughts that you can’t hold a tune, because that’s not what this is about. It’s about you falling in love with you. Sing it as often as you like, at least once a day while looking into your eyes in the mirror. Then sing it in your car as you drive to work. Sing yourself to sleep. Greet yourself in the morning with your love song.

I know, this may sound hokey to you. Try it anyway. There’s a way that music gets into our psyche differently than speaking words. Somehow it gets deeper in and makes a bigger impression.

In my research about the elements of being sexy, self-love and acceptance are high on the list, much higher than physical appearance. Confidence and being comfortable in our own skin are signs of self-love. Why not sing your way to loving you and feeling sexy?

I’d love to know what your love song is and how this experiment goes with you!


©2013 Barbara Musser, Sexy After Cancer