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The Path to Cancer

Cancer is not a new development. Cancer has been around since the time of dinosaurs; however, cancer rates are soaring to new levels. Is it genetic? The rise in breast cancer rates (and pediatric cancers and asthma, for that matter) cannot just be genetic because they are rising at such a precipitous rate. Could it be our environment?
We know that there are many reasons we get cancer. Yes, part of it is genetics, but that is a very small part. About 85% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history of breast cancer. These occur due to genetic mutations that are the result of life in general, rather than inherited mutations; that’s right, the rest is lifestyle. No, you are not to blame for your cancer. We live in a toxic world.

America, Land of the Rich, Health of the Poor

Let’s start with food. Our food is calorie dense and nutrient deficient. When your grandparents made lunch, it was roast chicken with herbs, potatoes with parsley and vegetables with parsley. I have fond memories of my grandmother finely chopping the parsley and adding it to everything. Now, because time is short for us and our kids eat in school cafeterias, we have chicken or turkey sandwiches on bread made with refined flour and high fructose corn syrup and maybe moistened with toxic jarred mayonnaise (more on chicken below). For many, the only vegetable seen on their plate is ketchup or pickles (yes, they have redeeming qualities but contain much sugar). If we see parsley on our plate, it is there as a garnish, not necessarily meant to be eaten. Did you know that parsley has potent anti-inflammatory and anticancer abilities? The phytochemicals in parsley can slow the speed of cell division, leaving time for the cell to correct DNA mistakes and activate apoptosis, and recent research shows that one particular compound, apigenin, found in celery, artichokes and herbs such as parsley may well be the key agent for killing breast and pancreatic cancer cells. And no, it’s not just about parsley. Many such forgotten herbs and foods have the power to heal.

My grandmother and her grandmother raised their own chickens and turkeys, and fed them well. Our chickens and turkeys today are fed questionable and unhealthy feed and our meat is processed and pressed into plastic. Even when we try to shop well, we are duped and poisoned. That beautiful steak in the meat market is loaded with antibiotics and hormones. A recent trip to “Whole Foods” discovered dextrose and soy oil in the prepared soup, clearly a for-profit exchange for what should have been a healthy lunch choice. Our stores are stocked with GMO foods, even in “health” stores. Our food is sprayed with toxic chemicals and grown in toxic water.

Sometime in the 50’s and 60’s mothers were introduced to cleaning products that made their cleaning chores seem a breeze—that ease created dis-ease. Our grandmothers cleaned with vinegar. Advertisements sold us toxic cosmetics. We liked them; they worked so much better and smelled wonderful. Cancer rates soared in generations to come.

How did we get here? This, like cancer, didn’t just happen, it happened slowly and sneakily over generations.

So the next time your hear your doctor say that “cancer just happens”, look him in the eye and ask him why.

Ask him if the treatment s/he is recommending will cure you or just extend your life. Ask him if the treatment will address the cause. Maybe he doesn’t know that the major causes of ill health are toxins (think fluoride, aluminum, mercury, chemicals, etc.), infections, nutritional deficiencies, radiation, lifestyle and emotional stress.

Cancer doesn’t just happen. At the same time, you are not responsible for your cancer; you are not to blame for your cancer. We live in a toxic world: the air we breathe, the food we eat and the products we use on our bodies and in our homes contribute to dis-ease; stress, neglect and emotional traumas contribute to cancer.

If we want to treat our cancer, we must treat the cause of it, not just manage the presenting symptom—the tumor. If we want to protect our future generations, we need to make changes now. If we want to heal from our cancer and help avert recurrence, we need to clear out as many emotional and environmental toxins that we can and choose our food wisely. Much is out of our control, but every inch contributes to a mile.

Live well, be well.