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November 2013

'HAPPY THANKSGIVING'  I hope you are all having a fabulous time. We don't have an annual thanksgiving celebration here in the UK, perhaps we should? What a wonderful time to reflect and be grateful for all the abundance and beauty the Universe provides - do

Remember that song Joe Cocker sang, “You are so beautiful to me…”? It’s one of my all-time favorite romantic songs. Some of the other lines are, “You’re everything I hoped for, everything I dreamed…” The other day this song was playing in my head and I

When I was growing up, Thanksgiving Day had little to do with being grateful and everything with  food.    We took a mere two minutes to mention the Pilgrims and ate.  Most of the foods were richly laden  with fat, carbohydrates and sugar. My siblings and

by Angela Long I have determined…life is a roller coaster that we get to ride one time, and it’s mostly in the dark. My ride started off pretty smoothly….with the typical ups and downs. Until that day in February of 2004 when I heard those three

Cancer is not a new development. Cancer has been around since the time of dinosaurs; however, cancer rates are soaring to new levels. Is it genetic? The rise in breast cancer rates (and pediatric cancers and asthma, for that matter) cannot just be genetic because

Today is November 1, El Dia de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. This morning at Boot Camp, I mentioned to my workout pal about this. She said, “What??!! A day of deals and miracles?” We laughed and decided that we like that idea.