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Enjoy Life, We Will Take Care of Your Hair


Losing your hair during chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy can be devastating. You just want it back as soon as possible and for the hair that grows to look healthy. Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula can help you regrow your hair faster and keep it. This is true even if you are taking medications to prevent recurrence of estrogen-dependent cancers like Tamoxifen®, Arimidex® and Femara®

Your hair loss from chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy can be partial or complete and often continues for a time after stopping therapy. Regrowing your hair can be painfully slow, and often the hair that does grow back is thin, a different color/texture from your original hair and does not always cover as much of the scalp as it did before. This is especially true for patients who suffered from other hair loss conditions, such as female pattern baldness, before losing their hair to these therapies. Hair loss, which would otherwise take years to become apparent, is worse because the damaged hair follicles fail to regrow.

If you have lost your hair, have patchy hair growth, or are worried that you will lose your hair, Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula will help. At this time in your life, your hair should be the last thing you have to worry about.

Regrow your Hair Faster and Healthier with Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula!

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula is revolutionary in that it actually helps the scalp repair damage cause by the cancer therapy. No other hair loss treatment does this and no other treatment is as safe. Using Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula can help you regrow your hair and prevent more hair loss. Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula works in 5 ways for hair loss after cancer:

  1. It works to regrow hair all over the scalp, including the frontal hair line
  2. It increases circulation to existing hairs and hair follicle, helping them to grow hair faster.
  3. It increases the duration of the growth cycle of the hair follicle, thereby increasing length and thickness of your existing hair and new hair
  4. It reduces the effects of DHT and stops it from reaching your hair follicles causing more damage. Therefore, Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula stops the progression of male and female pattern baldness.
  5. Most importantly, it repairs damaged, dying hair follicles and can even create new hair follicles by stimulating stem cells in the hair follicle and the living layers of the scalp to heal themselves.

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula is a patented solution that allows you to regrow thick and healthy hair. No other product comes close!

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