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New Confidence for the New You


by Rhonda McCarthy, Recover With Confidence National Program Director

There are over 40 million women who experience some type of hair loss.  When it comes to women with medically related hair loss, the hair loss specialists with Recover With Confidence recognize the importance of quality service and a perfect hair product.

Our wigs are designed for a natural look and hand-made to give every woman unmatched quality and comfort.
These tips from medical hair loss specialists ensure a proper fit and a confident hair replacement experience:

  • Look for a hair loss specialist with licensed cosmetologists who offer free consultations.
  • Plan ahead. Hair loss occurs usually one to three weeks following your first treatment. Ideally, you should have your consultation while you still have hair. This allows your hairstylist to match your hair color shade and style. If this is not possible, then plan to bring a photograph of you with your hair.
  • Your consultation should include discussions regarding your treatments, recovery, expectations, budget and lifestyle. This will allow her to suggest synthetic, human hair or European hair. All are great options, but you should understand the features of each one. She will also measure your head to ensure a proper fit. Your wig should fit securely and not move around on your head, nor should it be uncomfortably tight. Your stylist will be able to customize the fit perfectly for you.
  • There is a difference between fashion wigs and medical wigs. Selecting a wig that is hand tied (hair is knotted into the base by hand) instead of machine made (hair is sewn in, this is recognizable by rows of wefts), uses soft materials and have non slip material placed on the base which will give you the ultimate comfort, security and will look completely natural.
  • Keep in mind that most insurance companies do offer a benefit for wigs, but you must follow their strict guidelines. Wigs are considered a cranial prosthesis under the Durable Medical Equipment category. Your hair loss specialist should be able to either file for you or offer assistance with filing.
  • When working with a hair loss specialist, wig purchases may include free hair color, cut and style — so, make sure you ask.
  • Many businesses will help you at little or no charge to professionally take care of your wig after purchase, including cleaning and restyling. To ensure the quality, look and longevity of your wig, ask about the care of the wig and make sure you follow their instructions.
  • Plan to purchase a sleep cap and some beautiful scarves and turbans for when you don’t or cannot wear your wig.
  • While most women want to keep their same hair color and style, some like to experiment with a new look. Discuss this during your consultation where you will have professional help selecting a hair color shade and style that will work with your face structure and your skin tone. Keep in mind that sometimes skin tone can temporarily change somewhat during chemotherapy, your hair loss specialist will know this and will have the ability to guide you.
  • When your hair grows back, consider donating your wig. Many hair loss specialists take donations from their clients.

Recover with Confidence is a nationwide program supported by hair loss professionals throughout the United States. Recover with Confidence specializes in finding solutions for hair loss due to medical treatments and are committed to providing you with personalized, confidential treatment along with the perfect solution to give you your hair back, beautifully and naturally. To find the Recover With Confidence location near you, call 800-327-5555 x 3340.